CAD-CAM & CNC Technology

In present scenario we cannot imagine a Mechanical Engineering without knowledge of CAD-CAM & CNC Technology. Here we are providing an opportunity to the students to get familiar with the latest advance Technologies in the field of Mechanical Engineering as well as they can meet out the requirement of the Engineering/ Automobile Industries.
By using both the methods as learning by reading & learning by doing, the Institute Transforms the new students into the trained CNC/CAD/CAM Engineers.



The courses of the institute have been designed for the modern CNC MachineShop, These Courses meet out the requirements of Advance CNC Technology. They fulill all the needs of CNC /Automation related Industries. Institute provides a career in CNC Technology, CAD-CAM, Machine Maintenance, Production, Sales & Services, Application and R&D etc. to all the technical students. The students update & upgrade with the Advance Technology & they raised the Quality & Quantity of the Industrial Production by these Advance Trainings.


Industry’s Need: Skilled manpower in this field is limited but the requirement is huge & various industries are also adopting this advance technology. So there is huge gap maintained between demand and supply of skilled manpower in this field. Do you know that now a day’s not only big Industries even medium/small scale industries are moving towards Automation?


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